Managing employees attendance and self-services

What is Odex ss app ?

It's mainly aimed at managing the employee's attendance through the specified locations for them, without using the fingerprint device. in addition, they have the ability to manage self-services such as leaves requests, submitting a daily timesheet, overtime requests, loans requests, requests for permission, and their attendance report. 

Specific or general locations

ODEX system allows human resources managers to define and control the way employees attendance by allowing some employees to submit attendance from anywhere and fetch the location while registering attendance through integration with Google Maps.

​Or by specifying a specific area with the allowed range so the employee can register attendance, and the application will automatically recognize the area and allow the employee to submit attendance, and not allow him to submit unless he is in this specific area


Great services that facilitate the management and submission of employee requests


Submit the schedule Timesheet through odx ss app

Permissions request

Submit permissions requests through odex ss


Submit requests for overtime hours approval through odex ss

leaves request

Apply for leaves of all kinds through

odex ss and follow-up of approvals

Loans request

Submit loans requests based on available types

Through odex ss and follow up on approvals